No Guessing – Get Your CORE Score

Introducing our state of the art technology…

At Kauri Chiropractic, we don’t guess!

Our insight scanner allows us to track and continually measure your level of health at all times.

Each practice member undergoes a series of scans before being given a CORE Score so we can track how well their nervous system is coping with the stresses of everyday life. This technology creates accurate, scientifically backed, objective data that helps give you confidence in the recommendations for your health.

When your sympathetic system takes over, your brain produces beta waves as it calculates what to do, adrenaline and cortisol flows your bloodstream, your heart races, respiration shoots up, muscles tense, your hands get clammy and cold. Your brain must control and coordinate different systems to respond to your environment.

Insight scans show us how well our brain, and systems, coordinate and control our bodies as we experience stressors of everyday life. Not all stressors are life or death, however our bodies are susceptible to everyday sympathetic system responses. How efficiently these processes occur in the body reflect how healthy you are. You have an incredible capacity for self-healing and self-regulation, but a repeated, acute, or chronic stress can overwhelm your systems and contribute to dysfunction of your nervous system.

Unstable nervous systems lead to exhaustion. Exhausted nervous systems either cause or leads to persistent spinal nerve tension known as subluxation. A subluxation is a reaction to an overworked system which causes disruption to the nerve connections all over your body.

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