If you know someone that has experienced a concussion or have yourself, this post is for you! 🧠

It is important to understand how the brain and body communicate in order to understand why post-concussion syndrome can have such long lasting effects. The brain stem is the body’s information highway. The area where it connects to the spinal cord is extremely small. It runs through the two bones of the upper neck vertebrae called the atlas and axis or C1 & C2.

These bones make up the upper cervical spine and are responsible for holding the head in proper balance over the body. Even if those bones are misaligned by a 1/4 of a millimeter, communication to the brain and body can be distorted. This leads to a number of health problems throughout the entire body.

Symptoms of post-concussion syndrome can be exhausting and incredibly impairing of your function!

Impaired brain stems function – since the C1 houses and protects the brain stem, even a slight misalignment can place pressure on this vital part of the nervous system and impair proper function. As a result, communication between the brain and body may suffer.

Inhibited Blood Flow to the Brain – The upper cervical spine plays a vital role in facilitating blood flow to the brain. The cerebral foramen are openings in the cervical vertebrae that leave a passageway for the vertebral arteries. These arteries bring oxygen-rich blood to the brain.

Reduced Cerebrospinal Fluid Drainage – When the C1 and C2 are misaligned, this necessary fluid may cease to drain properly from the brain to the spinal cord. The result can be intracranial pressure.

Precise adjustments to the specific area of interference in the vertebrae help you function and heal better! Your nervous system and brain are supported in the healing process through Chiropractic Care. 🌿🙌🏼🧠

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