The brain uses three times as much oxygen as the muscles of the body do! Oxygen is vital for the brain as it allows for growth and healing to occur. Our blood carries oxygen to the brain and is reliant on sufficient nitric oxide to do so. Diaphragmatic breathing opens the lower part of the lungs which holds the most red blood cells (to accept more oxygen) so the blood can carry the oxygen up to your brain!

The cranial nerves are 12 different nerves that come out directly from the brain, not the spinal cord. They provide different functions for the rest of the body. Although all nerves of our body are vital and important, cranial nerves are by far the most life changing when interrupted. It puts a big stress on the brain when they are not functioning their best.

Cranial Nerve 10 is particularly important – its called the VAGUS nerve. Check out two earlier posts we made on the critical importance of the Vagus nerve.

Dysfunction in these cranial nerves can have systemic effects on the entire body. The largest central nerve that carries vital communication between the brain and every organ and gland of the body is the spinal cord. If there is interference in the signal that travels along this central conduit from the brain to the body, dysfunction occurs!

There are approximately 1 billion nerves traveling through the spinal cord! Your head also weighs approximately 10-12 pounds. Taking care of your body is so so so important. Get checked by a Chiropractor to see how you are functioning. Invest in your health it should always be a top priority!

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