Posture – More important than just the structure of your body!
How often do you look down at your phone? Sit hunched? Shoulders tight at your ears? Shallow breathing? (We see MANY patients who shallow breathe).
Your posture is affecting the way you get oxygen down and around your lungs. You NEED oxygen for literally everything. We recently talked about how the brain uses 3x as much oxygen as the muscles of the body do. Our blood carries oxygen to the brain. Diaphragmatic breathing opens the lower part of the lungs which holds the most red blood cells (to accept more oxygen) so the blood can carry it to your brain.

Energy in your body is called ATP. It’s made in your mitochondria and one of the final steps to making ATP requires oxygen. The way you do or don’t breathe affects your oxygenation through your body. We want oxygen to happily flow through your entire system. Most of our cells need ATP to function. It is used to drive almost every chemical reaction in our bodies. So many organs and processes of the body are dependent on the development of ATP.
Get more oxygen in your body!

  • Focus on it.
  • Straighten up your posture and see a Chiropractor.
  • Do deep diaphragmatic breathing.
  • Stop smoking.

    It is quite common in today’s world to have a spine that is struggling.
    Whether it’s from sitting at a desk all day, or reading in bed or having our heads down looking at our cell phone all the time, the spine is under constant stress. As a result of the constant stress what we start to see is that the spine will conform and adapt. These adaptations, while good for the short term stress, will lead to an advanced degeneration of the spine long term. The majority of your brains energy goes toward maintaining posture! Lung capacity is decreased up to 2/3rds with a severe forward head posture.

    The diaphragm is controlled by the Phrenic nerve which originates from the C3-C5 nerve roots in the cervical spine (neck). The diaphragm plays a key role in core stability that helps stabilize your lumbar spine and pelvis.
    Improve the way you breathe and correct your posture – it’s really key to your health!

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