It has a PROFOUND impact on your body and mind.

Stress knows no season. Although the holidays are well known for being a stressful time of year, lets not overlook our modern society and culture that provides hassle and frustration at every turn.

Prolonged stress negatively impacts your body. When you are under stress your sympathetic nervous system kicks in the “fight or flight” response. Simple thoughts activate this stress response. Anytime you have worry, doubt, panic. Anytime you experience something toxic online and/or in person.

Your energy is being drained. You have increased muscle tension and adrenaline levels, higher blood pressure, slower digestion, poorer sleep, weight gain, etc. Your body is in “overdrive.”

Make your health a priority and reduce your stress. Help our community achieve better health together by lowering the collective stress we all are experiencing. Be kind to yourself and others ❤

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