Chiropractic adjustments boost the coordinated responses of your nervous system that tackle inflammation in the brain and body. Stress worsens serious medical conditions like in the image. While dealing with these issues is no simple answer and take collaborative approaches, healing is possible. Looking to reduce inflammation and overall stress in the body helps to coordinate better healing responses and is imperative to resolving chronic health conditions.

What is inflammation?

It’s the bodys response to a threat (real or perceived). In response, the immune system sends out an army of chemicals, called pro-inflammatory cytokines to attack. The danger is a chronic inflammatory response and the cytokines are “upregulated” in your system – meaning the cycle of stress and inflammatory response gets habituated in the body.

This highlights the profound work we all need to do to reduce stress and inflammation in our body by eating nutrient dense foods, avoiding processed food, avoiding common food allergens, weight loss, sleep hygiene, regular exercise, and overall stress management.

Chiropractic helps restore nerve function, so your entire nerve system is communicating with all of your organs, glands, and bodily functions it needs to for healing. Chiropractic is a drug free and natural option that improves overall function in your body!

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