The Journey to Health has No Destination

Every choice you make sends a message to your nervous system; “I’m asking you to be capable of this”.

The more times we engage in practices that are repetitious and consistent, that promote health, mobility, and function, we are strengthening the bodys ability to adapt to stress. Stress is wear and tear on the body. Stress can be physical, emotional, or chemical. Stress stores in your body if you are unable to adapt to it.

The problem is that we live in a sedentary society, we don’t eat consistently well, and the movements we repeat daily, and the messages we are sending to our body aren’t always ideal.. we build up dysfunction over the many years that we don’t actively partake in the care of our human frame. What will you ask your body to be capable of this year? Is it something that will bring you closer to better health or drive you further away? Each choice matters. Challenging movements, eating nutrient dense foods, as well as engaging in healing practices make your nervous system understand what your body is and is capable of.

Continuing the same stress cycles on the body only solidifies the bodies stress response which ultimately degrades it over time. If your body is not capable of much movement or is firing off pain signals, it has become accustomed to stress.

Chiropractic provides a safe and effective treatment for improving your nervous system function. Your nervous system house the communication between the brain and bodys tissues, organs, glands, and cells. It can lead to a variety of health issues if not maintained!

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