We see newborns and infants for many reasons at our office! 👶💓

Did you know: the fetal nervous system – i.e., your baby’s brain and spinal cord – is one of the very first systems to develop.

Your baby’s nervous system is made up of millions upon millions of neurons. The brain grows at amazing rate during development. At times during brain development 250,000 neurons are added every minute. 🧠By age 2, your baby’s brain is about 80% of the adult size!

A baby under stress will have health consequences. Chiropractic will help your baby’s brain and body communicate to promote better healing and overall health. Chiropractic address the root cause – nerve interference, and supports the healthy function of the nervous system. Babies and children are adjusted gently and with different techniques than adults. ⭐

Dr. Aaron has additional training from the International Pediatric Chiropractic Association, attending seminars frequently on the neurobiology of infants and children. For more information about pediatric Chiropractic visit http://icpa4kids.com

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