Complex, Not Complicated

We take for granted our own bodies. We don’t adequately nourish it. We load it up with many toxins. We live in highly stressed environments without balancing enough time in nature and rest. Amongst many other things I’m sure you can think of on the spot. How can we make better choices today about our health so it doesn’t catch up with us later on?

We shouldn’t take for granted our bodies for 10, 20, or 30 years and when things start to break down expect a miracle cure. We need to acknowledge the personal responsibility we have every single day to make better choices now and act to prevent illness.

We also need to recognize it takes a well rounded approach to healing, and it takes time.

Our bodies are complex but not complicated!!

If you nourish your body the right way and invest in its healing and give it time, it should work for you and not against you. But the choice is yours. What can I change today? And really importantly, what new knowledge can I learn to support my body?

We are designed to thrive, not just cope or survive. The truth is, it’s hard to take ownership of your own health and get it on the right track, but it’s a lot harder to remain stuck and ignoring it. Don’t let it catch up and take proactive action!

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