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Kauri Chiropractic Best Chiropractor in Fraser Valley British Columbia

Effective, Safe, Gentle Structural Correction.

Kauri Chiropractic Best Chiropractor in Fraser Valley British Columbia

Manual, Drop Table, or Activator Method Adjustments

Kauri Chiropractic Best Chiropractor in Chilliwack


Nervous System

Controls & Coordinates all Organs & Structures

Of the Human Body

It’s more than just how you feel, it’s how you function.

With over 100 billion nerve cells in the brain and 13.5 million in the spinal cord, our nervous system sends out electrical signals throughout our entire body, including to every cell, tissue, organ & gland.

Think about how much information our bodies transmit in our daily lives!

Hence the importance of keeping a healthy central nervous system free of any interference in the communication pathways between our brain and our body.

Our Neurological Chiropractic office strives to help your body return to a state of health, wellness and optimal function!

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What Our Patients think…

Kauri Chiropractic Best Chiropractor in Chilliwack

My son had a limp and took him for x-Rays and my doctor seen nothing abnormal. Dr. Aaron Straightened him out with a few visits and now my two year old can run like a normal kid! That just one of the many thanks I have for Dr.Aaron! He is an awesome Chiropractor and love his style of Chiropractic! The biggest thing is he’s always there to help and never rushes you out the door! Dr.Aaron make a Great couple with Kauri because they are both nice down to earth people and have the warm and inviting attitudes! You always feel great leaving Kauri and can’t wait to come back for your next visit! Thanks Dr. Aaron and Sarah! Keep up the awesome work!

Greg Laughlin

I had never had chiropractic treatment before and decided to go see Dr. Aaron on recommendation. I went from a not so great spine health to being in the “good”. I know and can feel that my spine health is only getting better. Dr. Aaron’s knowledge with the spine and overall body health is simply amazing. Sarah is also a great source of information and is extremely helpful and knowledgeable. She is always a happy face to see when entering the office.

Fiona Janzen

I would absolutely Recommend Aaron to all of my Clients. As a Holistic Practitioner, I take Holistic Health care very seriously and Aaron does it to a tee. He is extremely thorough, and has the newest up to date Technology, which helped me to actually SEE what is happening with my spine/central nervous system and how it’s affecting my body. When you walk in and the first face you see is Sara@reception….. what an absolutely Gem. She means business when it comes to quality care. It comes natural to her, and her willing heart and kind soul makes the experience extra pleasant and I know I am in good hands. 🙏✨❤️

Shoneena Loss

I had never been to a chiropractor before, and was a little skeptical. After a consultation with Dr Whitaker, I was a lot more confident, and the results after my first adjustment were incredible. My sciatica pain vanished and I could feel a huge difference in flexibility in my neck, back and my legs.
I am now a true believer, and encourage everyone to check it out!

Greg Hallett

Dr Whittaker is so kind and caring. He looks after the health of my 4 month old and has been so amazing with his care. Highly recommend him to anyone needing spinal care!

Andrea Lundgren

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