Don’t Let Stress Build Up In Your Nervous System

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Don’t let stress build up in your nervous system. Like a fuse box, it will blow when it has dealt with too much for too long. That’s why we see symptoms! They are like a signal going off warning your body is in dysfunction and lacking the capacity to heal itself. When you take care your body i.e your nervous system – which controls every single cell, tissue, organ, gland, structure or process in the body – you function optimally! Your body functioning optimally means it preserves health, healing and repairing with ease to allow you to live best.

Chiropractors support the nervous system with specific adjustments that remove interference between the brain & body’s communication pathway. Each nerve in the body feeds information from the brain to the rest of your body and each nerve is connected through the spinal column up to your brain stem. Hence the importance of a Chiropractor with training and knowledge about neurology, as well as physiology and anatomy.

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