Insight Scans and Assessment Tools at Kauri

We would like to spend this morning talking about our Insight scans & the assessment tools we use at our office that look at how well your nervous system adapts to stress. Stress that has been built up over time, and that occurs each day of our lives. Remember – everything (every cell, tissue, organ, gland, etc) is controlled and impacted by the thing under your hat! 🧠

A lot of people have been interested in this assessment that provides a CORE score – a neural efficiency index – of how well your nervous system is functioning. The three different tools measure heart rate variability – are you in fight/flight sympathetic mode or are you in rest/relax parasympathetic mode? Muscle tone and balance as well as organ and gland control are also assessed.

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The nerves are responsible for your 🧠 communicating to the rest of the body through your nervous system. Identifying how well you are doing is critically important!

Our initial consultations review your health history, we check your spine and range of motion, and conduct the insight scans. These consultations are comprehensive – to get to the root cause of what is going on for YOUR unique body and it is incredibly important we get a detailed understanding so that we can provide the best chiropractic care to you and your family!

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