Our Process

Dr. Aaron works with you for your benefit and determines how best to help you achieve quick and long lasting results. We focus on neurologically based chiropractic care with the use of unique, highly advanced technology to understand your needs. It allows for a deep insight into how your body is functioning and allows for objective measures that demonstrate your level of health and your progress along the way. When you see these results, you’re in the drivers seat to make the best health care decisions about your life.

  • Your Initial Consultation will occur, where the Chiropractor will get a thorough understanding of your current level of health, any concerns you may have, and review the health goals you’re working towards. Next, your Chiropractor will check your range of motion and complete other neurological examinations including scans of your nervous system. These scans look at heart rate variability, muscle tone and balance, and organ and gland control. More information on the technology we use can be found here. Then the Chiropractor will check the function of your spine before concluding the Initial Consultation.

  • Next, your Chiropractor will explain what they’ve found during a Report of Findings visit and will explain their recommendations of care accordingly. The doctor will check the function of your spine and nervous system and tend to what treatment needs to be addressed that visit.

  • Progress examinations will occur regularly throughout care, where we will be make sure you’re progressing towards your desired health goals.

Download and complete our fillable PDF intake forms before your Initial Consultation.


Family care plans are available  – please contact reception for more information.

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