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We are passionate about your health. We can help.

At Kauri Chiropractic we are dedicated to providing you with the very best Chiropractic Care to assist your body’s inherent ability to heal itself. You can expect to be treated in an open, courteous and professional manner at all times. Whether you are looking for relief of pain or optimal corrective care we will work with you to identify and achieve your health goals.


To serve our community with a natural, holistic, and safe approach to healthcare that focuses on correction and wellness.


We envision a world where individuals and families THRIVE in their health and daily life, not just survive! We wish to inspire people to live better, happier, and more present lives with their loved ones.


Our office places professionalism, integrity, compassion, knowledge, and skill as the key factors to providing meaningful healthcare that is valuable to our patients. We commit to providing education to patients, and engaging in continuing education for ourselves to best serve you.

Meet your team.

Dr. Aaron Whitaker

Born in England and raised in New Zealand, Dr. Aaron is a graduate of the astute New Zealand College of Chiropractic. Dr. Aaron has always been passionate about health – playing competitively in sport and challenging his body. He is an avid football (soccer) and rugby fan.

Dr. Aaron is driven to advance his training and clinical skills to deliver the best outcomes for his patients – from little infants to those young at heart. He is a proud member of the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association and certified in Websters technique. He pursues professional development in a wide variety of courses in pediatrics, pregnancy, neurology, and the best techniques in chiropractic care. A nervous system free of chronic stress patterns allows one to reach their full potential on all levels of well-being.

Dr. Aaron first and foremost loves to spend time with his beloved growing family – his wife and two little ones Ruby & Noah. As a family they enjoy the outdoors, travelling to new places, and connecting over board-games, activities, and sports.

He is excited to serve you and your family!

Dr. Aaron & his wife Sarah opened Kauri Chiropractic as a family practice together in 2019. They share the same love and passion for promoting health and wellbeing for the community of Chilliwack. Their mission is to serve and educate the community about how vitally important your brain & nervous system health are, and how Chiropractic can help. They love to provide a community space that is warm and welcoming to all, and one that is enthusiastic about patients well-being.
Dr. Aaron and Sarah support many non-profit organizations in Chilliwack throughout the year via donation drives. They actively speak in their office about well-being; lending out different mental health, relationship, child development, and health books to patients.  They meet patients from all walks of life with compassion, and they truly listen. The community of Chilliwack needs a different approach to Chiropractic care – one that strives for true correction, wellness, and health. Being well-adjusted can enhance your body to heal, function, and feel it’s best!

Dr. Cameron Servatius

Associate chiropractor

Dr. Cam has returned back to his hometown of Chilliwack to work as a Chiropractor for Kauri Chiropractic. What he loves about Chiropractic is that it provides a drug-free option to address issues that people are experiencing within.

Whether you’re dealing with pain, stress, movement problems or simply want to function optimally, Chiropractic adjustments can help!

The number one thing we look for is a well-aligned and functioning spine to minimize dysfunction in the nervous system. We do this by restoring a clear connection throughout the nervous system which is carried through the spine.

Dr. Cam graduated locally from Sardis Secondary and moved to Kelowna to pursue athletics and education. He played in top-level university basketball while studying Biology and Human Kinetics, which led to his decision to become a Chiropractor. Dr. Cam went to the Accredited New Zealand College of Chiropractic with goals to empower and encourage people to live healthier lives. After he finished his studies in New Zealand, he ventured to The Netherlands for 2 years and worked in the coastal city of Den Haag.

Dr. Cam is happy to provide treatment for all ages and stages of life, including newborns to our elderly population. Dr. Cams’ passion for Chiropractic comes hand-in-hand with his passion for living a healthy lifestyle full of movement and being a part of the community.

Dr. Cam looks forward to helping you get to where you want to be!


Practice Manager

I am the Practice Manager here at Kauri Chiropractic. I bring with me 17 years of experience as a Pharmacy Assistant and Accounts Manager at another multidisciplinary practice.

I have a great passion for helping people achieve their health and wellbeing goals.

To reach my own personal health goals, 8 months ago I sold my car and bought a bike! I have truly enjoyed this journey and have no regrets! I am a mom of 3 adult children that I am very proud of. I also am a mom to my fur baby cats – Olive and Lily, and an 8lb dog named Boomer (he needed a big boy name!).

I moved here 4 months ago from Red Deer, Alberta. Having lived here previously 15 years ago for a couple of years and falling in love with the area, I was thrilled to have the opportunity to return! Working at Kauri Chiropractic has been the highlight of my move. I feel blessed to work with such a great team and our members… especially all the infants we see!

Since starting my own neurological Chiropractic care with Dr. Aaron, I have had significant changes in my overall health. I suffered from years of hip and knee pain and thought I’d just have to live with it. After 3.5 months… my pain is gone! I look forward to serving you at the practice, getting to know you, and helping you along with your health journey!


Chiropractic assistant

I was born and raised in Chilliwack and have spent many rewarding years in public Healthcare as a Medical X-ray + Mammography Tech. My current journey is in the world of Neurological Chiropractic as both a Chiropractic Assistant and patient at Kauri Chiropractic. This has afforded me a new insight into the healing and restorative side of Chiropractic care.

Beyond the professional arena, I am a classically trained pianist and my creative side thrives on projects like crafting, decorating, and engaging in DIY home endeavours.

Being outdoors and enjoying the amazing backyard of Chilliwack is something that fuels me. Boardgames and cards help my competitive streak. I’ve embarked on the journey of learning chess! Waiting impatiently for the day I get to say the sweet words… Check Mate!

Family time is invaluable to me, but when I’m home I share my space with my fur-baby Georgie. While officially a cat, Georgie defies feline stereotypes, responding to calls and commands and offering boundless affection.

My desire towards connecting and caring for people brings me such joy in my role at Kauri Chiropractic. A favourite aspect in my role is connecting with all the kids who come through our door and seeing their genuine excitement coming to the Chiropractor. They feel safe and cared for, and get to play with tons of toys.

Im so grateful to witness the transformative intersection of health, care, and wellness in individuals lives everyday. It reaffirms my commitment to making a positive impact on patients with my role at the front desk.

I look forward to meeting new faces and helping all of our dearly embraced patients!


Chiropractic assistant

My husband and I moved to Chilliwack in 2007, we have three boys and an 80lb lap dog named Dozer. I am a certified bookkeeper and help my husband’s business stay organized when I’m not at Kauri.

In my spare time you will find me reading, doing crafts, going for walks, or catching up on any new (or old) sci-fi/fantasy shows.

I was first introduced to Chiropractic care by my mom when she was working as a Chiro Assistant for another Chiropractor in Langley. I started getting care at that office for a sore knee and stayed to receive care through all of my three pregnancies, which I benefited a lot from!

When Kauri opened, I was really glad to see a neurologically focused Chiropractor open in Chilliwack and started getting care here. All three of my kids have received care since infancy. I love that they get regular check-ups as the play quite hard!

Working at Kauri has been great! I love bringing my personal experience with Chiropractic care to work and I am so excited to assist other in the community in receiving care as well.