Spinal Degeneration – Maintain your Spine Health with Chiropractic

Spinal degeneration is wear and tear of the discs and joints in your spine, eventually leading to reduced height of vertebrae, narrowing of the spinal canal, formation of bony growths called osteophytes and pressure on your nerves as they pass through the spine.

Aging and degenerative (arthritic) changes are NOT synonymous

What causes spinal degeneration?
Misalignments in your spine called subluxations lead to dysfunction of the spinal column. Accidents and injuries can also leave your joints susceptible to early degeneration

CHIROPRACTIC plays a very important role in PREVENTION with regular care.

CHIROPRACTIC can also help those who are already experiencing spinal degeneration.

Grace, a 56 year old women with rheumatoid arthritis for over 10 years, has received chiropractic care from Dr. Aaron for ten months now. Grace, who lacked mobility and experienced pain each day with simple tasks and activities, committed to regular care with Dr. Aaron and has seen tremendous changes in her quality of life. With more energy, better flexibility and mobility, Grace enjoys much of the tasks she dreaded day to day. Grace feels like she can finally live life with a clearer body and mind free of nerve interference, ultimately allowing her to function better in life.

Keeping your joints moving and your nerves free of interference can slow spinal degeneration. Just like it has for Grace!

Remember, degeneration is silent at first – your body can undergo degenerative change for years without you noticing ANY symptoms! Remember that dysfunction will happen BEFORE pain, with the spine already under stress.

How well are you maintaining your spinal health right now?

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