The Control Centre – Your Brain

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Your brain controls and coordinates every process and function in your body. Your nervous system communicates between the brain and the body so that all of those VITAL functions and processes work together to make you HEALTHY!

All the nerves in your body are connected through the spinal column up to the brain stem. It is incredibly important to see a Chiropractor who can analyze the spine in a way that promotes better brain/body communication because that is what will ultimately get to the root cause of your problems!

Nerve messages MUST travel efficiently and effectively so that you express HEALTH and not pain or symptoms of dysfunction. When your brain and body are communicating you have better quality of life. Your body should work the way it has been designed too!

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Chiropractic is for EVERYONE. Babies to adults. We all experience daily stress – learning, growing, responsibilities, overwhelm, trauma – which are all an input into the nervous system that affects the body. When we adjust the spine we unwind that tension in the nervous system.

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