Tummy Time!

Head action stimulates your babys nerves. Brain development is entirely dependant upon input received.

The head action provides enormous input as it stimulates nerve receptors. These nerves fire impulses into the brainstem which is responsible for driving motor and cognitive development and learning.

Tummy time works the extensor (back) muscles that run along the spine. These muscles need to be strong to allow for development and progression onto sitting, crawling, and eventually walking.

A decrease in the amount of extensor tone will delay this development and the associated milestones.

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Plagiocephaly (mis-shapen head) has been linked with delayed milestones and extensor tone, and tummy time plays a big role in promoting good head shape. When face down on the floor, babies are exposed to a new range of tactile input to the face and body parts. Toys and floors with different fabrics and feels help increase the stimulation to the nervous system. As your baby learns to master tummy time they will gain more confidence and sense of achievement. This will encourage further development as they strive to roll, reach, grasp, and pull.

Tummy time is one of the most important stages of learning development. Helping your child develop depth perception, back/core muscles, and with a nervous system free of interrupted nerve pathways, will eventually lead to good readers, attention and focus in the classroom, ability to listen and follow directions, copy notes on the chalkboard and sit still at their desk.

If your baby cries when you encourage tummy time, have them checked by an ICPA Certified Chiropractor. Babies do undergo stress to their spines and cranial systems, making it uncomfortable or sometimes impossible for them to move their heads freely.
Chiropractors work to ensure proper movement of the spine and cranial bones, and that your baby’s overall nervous system is functioning at 100% 👶💓🧠🤱

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