An Introduction to Chiropractic

At Kauri Chiropractic,

we look beyond your symptoms.

We focus on correcting the root cause of the problem
so you can have the best quality of life.

What is Chiropractic?

Chiropractic is a hands-on approach to healthcare that focuses on the spine and nervous system. Your spine houses your nervous system, which controls all the functions and healing processes in your body. It is responsible for transmitting vital information between your brain and your entire body.

Correct spinal alignment is crucial to our health. The curves in your spine act as a shock absorber, reducing the forces which act on the spinal cord and nerve tissues. Unfortunately traumatic birth, sports, gravity, poor posture, and injury can all contribute to the misalignment of your spine, affecting how your entire body functions. A specific chiropractic adjustment will help restore nervous system function and brain-body communication, treating your pain at the source.

Why is it important to see a Chiropractor who is concerned about the function of your nervous system and your brain and bodys connection?

Pain is often a signal or an alert that something is wrong in your overall nervous system.  A Chiropractor who is concerned with your nervous system is examining in depth your entire system, beyond just a symptom of pain.  They are looking for the root cause of dysfunction and are concerned with restoring function to the body via restoring the brain and body’s communication pathways. Since everything in the body is controlled by the brain, ensuring proper communication via the nervous system is essential! We want to help you live as healthy as possible.

What is the difference between spinal manipulation and a Chiropractic adjustment?

Spinal manipulations sole intent is to mobilize the area of which you experience “pain.” With a Chiropractic adjustment, care is taken to isolate the specific joint or vertebrae. Manipulation gives every individual the same approach with the intention to make a person feel good. The result is only short term relief because no specific correction is made.

Chiropractic adjustments on the other hand, includes a detailed examination via a functional assessment by the doctors hands on palpating each joint to determine the exact location of the dysfunction in your spine and consequently the nerves correlated with it. Each nerve in the body feeds information from the brain to various organs, glands, muscles, tissues, etc and is connected through your spinal column up to your brain stem.  Hence the importance of specific Chiropractic adjustments that include knowledge of neurology, as well as physiology and anatomy.

By proper analysis of the spine, posture, and neurology, Kauri Chiropractic strives to correct problems at the source. We focus on correction rather than temporary pain relief. With corrective Chiropractic Care, patients find themselves functioning and healing better.

It’s more than just how you feel, it’s how you function.

What sets Kauri Chiropractic apart?

We take the time to listen to you and assess your health needs. We promote true healing and enhancement of our patients quality of life. Kauri Chiropractic sees newborns, pregnant moms, athletes, families and seniors in the Chilliwack area.