Kauri Chiropractic’s “WHY”

POWERFUL message about health behind this 1 minute video.

This is our WHY. WHY we at Kauri Chiropractic care so much about long term change and sustained health results.

Your health is an investment that dramatically impacts the quality of your life.

We want to educate our patients that long term health hinges on a healthy nervous system. Your nervous system controls and coordinates all aspects and functions of your body. Your organs, glands, tissues, muscles, cells etc!

The wear & tear of daily stress (emotional, physical, chemical) is having an impact on your body, and if your not taking care of it right now, you’ll unfortunately pay for it later.

Chiropractic helps the nervous system function by removing the interference between the brain and body’s communication pathway. When we have have dysfunction in the spine – your nerves are not communicating as well as they should and your overall health will be impacted.


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