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Dear Patients: We are spreading the Chiro love this Valentines Day! ❤️❤️

Do you have friends or family that you wish would see a Chiropractor?

We often have some of you ask where other Chiropractors are located that practice the same way Dr. Aaron does in Chilliwack to refer your family/friends too!

These AWESOME Chiropractors are going to give you your desired health results and make sure they are sustained. They care about the root cause, just like we do, beyond quick fixes and band aid attempts with your health.

Abbotsford – Dr Wanda J Nyvall DC is so very kind and gentle with her techniques!

Langley right off 200th street – Dr. Parm Rai runs Rai Chiropractic

Fort Langley – Dr. Shaun & Dr. Lana Fort Family Chiropractic (and they see dogs aka your fur babies!)

Burnaby – Dr. Cameron & Dr. Jagoda at Burnaby Chiropractic exceptional knowledge and training!

Port Moody – Dr. Gil Optimum Family Chiropractic

Port Coquitlam – Dr. Nareeta Strawberries and Sunshine Healing Centre

1. Main St. Chiropractic on Main Street – Dr. Eugene your friendly South African Chiro
2. The Powerhouse Chiropractic on Main Street – Dr. Brian & Dr. Thea
3. The Chiro Culture – Dr. Pavin & Dr. Erin on Victoria Drive

Kamloops – Dr. Brock & Dr. Thea Crux Chiropractic

Edmonton – Dr. Kurtis Fischer, Chiropractor at Southside Chiropractic

Please don’t hesitate to ask if you have any questions! City not listed? We can certainly find a referral for you.

❤️❤️ Happy Valentines Week!

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