Migraines are incredibly painful and can be debilitating enough to leave you bedridden. Misalignment of the vertebrae in the neck can cause dysfunction in the nerves that communicate with the brain. Inadequate communication with the nerves which are responsible for different motor and sensory functions can cause harm.

The bottom of the brain stem extends into the C1 vertebrae and connects to the spinal cord at this vital juncture. The upper cervical bones (upper neck bones) are protection against damage to the brain stem and spinal cord. C1 and C2 play a vital role in brain stem function and communication throughout the body. Even a slight misalignment can cause disruption.

The cervical vertebrae contain openings called cerebral foramen. These passageways provide a place for the cerebral arteries that provide the brains blood and oxygen supply. As a result, proper alignment of the cervical spine plays a key role in the brain getting the blood and oxygen it needs to function properly. Migraines are thought to be caused by constriction of certain microscopic blood vessels in the head supplying nerve tissue with oxygenated blood. This constriction causes the nerve tissue to elicit a pain response.

Reducing pressure on the brain stem or spinal cord can help with the nerve interference that is causing dysfunction. With corrected spinal motion, the brain and body communicate via restored nerve function! A course of corrective chiropractic care can help improve vital functions of the brain and body! 🌿🧠🙌🏼😊

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